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Smile, Darn You, Smile

It's nice to have some cheer after Tuesday night. Have a look some smiles and see if you can tell which ones are genuine. Then let us know how you did.

Via MonkeyFilter (here).


16 out of 20. I find that looking at the eyes, and the wrinkles that are formed is useful. There is more wrinkage if it is a genuine smile. Additionally, when stopping smiling, the genuines often force the sides of their lips lower downward to supress the smile. Fakes often just let go, and the smile "drops" effortlessly.
That's my observation anyway..

I got 15 out of 20, plus a few genuine smiles of my own from the infectious nature of smiles. I agree completely with Jamin about the end of the smile.

Thanks for getting me to smile today!

15 out of 20. It's the eyes.

14/20 for me wrinkles around the eyes helped me Although apparently I was really bad at telling whether or not women's smiles were genuine or not.....

Try this one
:-) (Genuine or not?)

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