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November 22, 2004

Stranger on a Train, Part 2

The same stranger is now talking to two women seated near the door as the train approaches Montclair, New Jersey stations Bay Street, Walnut Street, and Watchung Avenue.

"Walnut Street," he says. "Is that where the little squirrels eat the walnuts?"

"What?," says a women, and in an earnest and placating manner she answers, "I certainly hope so." But then she decides to respond in kind: "What happens at Watchung?"

"Oh, that's where the Indians eat the squirrels," he says.

Stranger on a Train, Part 1

The stranger: a drunk and gregarious fellow in an untucked plaid shirt and and a toque, hailing those queuing up to get off of the train. On seeing another man in an orange William Paterson sweatshirt he praises him thusly: "great sweatshirt man. Great color. Orange. I mean, I'm not trying to get queer or none of that, but orange is like my favorite color."

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

A vanity license plate I spotted somewhere recently: WOO WHO.

Holiday Soda Followup

Matt and his friends over at X-Entertainment have conducted a review of the yummy holiday sodas that I recently mentioned. Get 'em while the gettin's good!

Via MetaFilter.

November 18, 2004

Lowering Cholesterol

The other morning as I walked to my train a miniature cinnamon doughnut fell out of a tree beside me.

What can this mean?

November 11, 2004

Eyes on the Sky

Walking out my back door last night to fetch something from the car I was dazzled by a brilliant display of stars overhead. So dazzled that I apparently lost all instincts for self preservation as I rammed both my knees into the steel hammock stand directly in front of me.

When I returned from the car I noticed that the sky was almost entirely clouded over. The only clear patch was situated right where it would catch my eye as I stepped outside. Makes you think.

November 08, 2004

Tastes Like the Holidays

Last year there was just Turkey & Gravy, but this year Jones Soda Co. is offering four side dishes: Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potato & Butter, Fruitcake, and (thank God) Cranberry. Even the makers aren't fond of all this stuff. And as for you, if you don't like this sort of thing, perhaps you'd like the chance to do better.

November 05, 2004

Smile, Darn You, Smile

It's nice to have some cheer after Tuesday night. Have a look some smiles and see if you can tell which ones are genuine. Then let us know how you did.

Via MonkeyFilter (here).

November 02, 2004

Get Out and Vote!

You may or may not vote for the candidates I wish you'd vote for, but please, please do your part and vote. Voting is one of the clearest ways we can communicate to the political community. How we vote determines where and how they'll focus their attention between now and the next election. It reveals the distribution of idealogy in our society. It assigns power of governance to the candidates who most closely represent the viewpoints of their constituents. And most important of all this year it takes this power away from those who have betrayed their constituents, those who are ill suited for office, those who are not fit representatives of the people who chose them. It is far better to make your voice heard by voting than to stay home and cast your silent voice with the masses of the disaffected, the ignorant, the lazy, and the foolish. A vote for the best candidate, or at least against the worst: either of these is a meaningful addition to any mandate our government will have in the coming years. Please vote, and let the country know where you stand.