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November 05, 2005

Nine hundred!

The leaves were falling prettily across my path more than a month later than last year. It's 74° out (F) and today's ride takes me past nine hundred miles. I'm still hoping to reach my goal of a thousand miles in the 2005 calendar year. Today's ride also marks the first occasion in which a driver made me mad enough that I flipped him off. It was otherwise a fine ride on a gorgeous day!

November 03, 2005

I Am Menacing

I was approaching a crosswalk on 42nd Street in broad daylight early this afternoon. A delivery van was parked at the curb on my right, its opening rear doors guarded by man who, as I approached him, drew his shiny, heavy revolver up out of his holster. I had been moving my iPod from my front to my rear jeans pocket--did he think I was drawing a weapon? A guy like that ought to keep his holster clipped.

October 28, 2005


I'm in the process of rejiggering lots of stuff on the site here. In phases bits of it will definitely fail to look and act as expected over the next few days. There's no need to let me know if it's on the blink right now. That time will come when I'm done rejiggering.

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